15th International Cereal and Bread Congress (15th ICBC) , April 17-21, 2016 Istanbul, Turkey


Fri, 17 Apr 2015


15th International Cereal and Bread Congress (15th ICBC) will take place in Istanbul, bridging the East and West, right at the crossroad of different continents and cultures.

15th ICBC will be organised by ICC – International Association for Cereal Science and Technology and ICC’s national representation in Turkey, Hacettepe University: your partners in cereals, flour, bread, pasta and other cereal products and pulses in the European/Asian region.

The focus of this international congress will be marketing and development of innovative cereal and pulse products meeting consumers’ needs (added values in nutrition and health, safety and security, convenience and taste).

Exploiting new raw materials/ingredients and new technologies, producing functional foods in the legal framework, alternative uses of cereals and pulses and their storage will be the topics of the meeting.


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