Moldovan Office for Science and Technology (MOST) was created in October 2012, by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, following earlier association of the country to the 7th EU-Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) and later to the EU Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020). Institutionally, MOST’s activity was coordinated by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova until 20th February 2018, central public authority responsible for national R&D activities via its Center for International Projects (H2020, RO, NCPs host institution). The successor of rights and obligations of Center for International Projects, according to Government Decision no. 196/28.02.2018, is National Agency for Research and Development, central authority responsible for implementation of RTD policy.
According to its mission, MOST has as a main goal to contribute to the advancement of the cooperation between Republic of Moldova and European Union in the S&T area. In order to do that, the following tasks were formulated:

  • promoting the participation of Moldovan R&D organizations, as well as SMEs and relevant NGOs within European R&D programs;
  • promoting research potential and scientific results of Moldovan scientists and innovator within the European Research Area;
  • representing Moldovan scientific community within different institutional configurations, in accordance with an associated country to H2020 statute;
  • disseminating relevant information, also through the national NCPs network, about open calls of proposals, rules of participation and submission guidelines;
  • promoting the participation of Moldovan R&D organizations and individual researchers within other initiatives launched under ERA, among others.

Following the recent developments, MOST is actively involved in informing national relevant authorities about the features of the new Horizon 2020 program, also in fostering the necessary research and administrative capacities for participation of Moldovan entities within H2020 calls of proposals.

The services offered by MOST are opened to a wide range of interested stakeholders, such as R&D institutes, universities, business sector, NGOs, central and regional public authorities. Welcomes all interested parties at the address:

Moldovan Office for Science and Technology

Rue Joseph II 168
1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
NA BE0888.438.341
+ 32483378722