2nd 5G EVE Learn and Drive


Thu, 8 Apr 2021




A great chance for SMEs and startups to boost 5G applications


The 2nd 5G EVE Learn and Drive online event represents a valuable opportunity for SMEs and startups to get to know 5G EVE and to understand how to profit from testing and training opportunities as well as leverage 5G EVE’s physical resources and technical materials. The two-hour Learn and Drive event will show how to get exposure, virtually meet and get essential information to develop potential collaborations with some of the major industrial players in the 5G Ecosystem.

SMEs will get the chance to discuss potential use cases and future collaborations in direct contact with key European industry players after the event.

Target audience

The online event is addressing startups and SMEs from all vertical sectors who are willing to learn about 5G EVE functionalities and who are interested in proposing ideas for innovative applications or services using the 5G EVE infrastructure. In addition, the event is addressing also all other stakeholders interested in learning more about the 5G EVE project and about opportunities related to 5G deployment.

For Agenda and other details, follow the link: 5G EVE Learn and Drive


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