6th International Symposium on Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems: Physically inspired appoaches from the nanoscale to the microscale, Paris, July 14-17, 2015


Tue, 14 Jul 2015


The organizing committee invites to attend 

  • the 6th International Symposium on “Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems: Physically inspired approaches from the nanoscale to the microscale”,

which will be held on July 14-17, 2015, in the heart of Paris, France, one of the world’s most famous places for food, food markets and gastronomy.

The DOF2015 symposium will be, as the previous DOF meetings, the primary platform for new scientific developments and their applications to food engineering, design, consumption and diet, and to the new concept ofcomplexity and emergent phenomena in the integrative food science.

The scientific sessions will be dealing in-depth with important topics such as:

  •  Engineering of tailored-made structures in bio-based systems
  •  Investigation of nano and microstructures in the bulk and at interfaces
  •  Tuning binding & release of bioactive compounds by matrix modulation
  •  Tuning the delivery of functionality to the body
  •  Modeling approaches from bio-molecules and matrix structures to functionality
  •  Complexity and emergent phenomena in the integrative food science

Hot topics will be presented by invited world-renowned experts, and the latest research findings will be presented in short talks and poster communications. Exhibitions of analytical equipments and software will be held in conjunction with the Symposium.

Download: http://dof2015.org/


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