PPI for uptake of standards for the exchange of digitalised healthcare records

Main pillar: 

  • Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing



Call deadline: 

Tue, 14 Mar 2017


  • Forthcoming


Scope:Proposals should address as primary aim public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) to facilitate the deployment of an eHealth infrastructure taking into consideration the European eHealth Interoperability Framework and EU guidelines adopted by the eHealth Network. The PPI(s), and any accompanying innovation activities in particular by participating procurers themselves to facilitate the uptake of newly developed solutions, should focus on clear target outcomes such as allowing the sharing of health information, the use of semantically interoperable Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for safety alerts, decision support, care pathways or care coordination. The scope of the PPI(s) is to specify, purchase and deploy innovative ICT based solutions which can deliver sustainable, new or improved healthcare services across organisational boundaries while implementing eHealth interoperability standards and/or specifications (e.g. EN13606, HL7, Continua Alliance, IHE...).The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of between EUR 3 and 4 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.Expected Impact:

  • Wider uptake of eHealth interoperability standards
  • Increased suppliers opportunities from wider market uptake of innovative solutions and services by forming a critical mass on the public demand side
  • Better solutions specifications designed from a demand side perspective
  • More forward-looking, concerted, public sector approach to eHealth interoperability
  • Achieve the wider deployment of eHealth services
  • Create a European role model in the eHealth interoperability field
  • Increasing jobs in health and ICT and contributing to economic growth in the EU in the long-term
  • Support forward looking, concerted public-sector investment strategies that benefit from jointly implementing PPIs across different countries around Europe