Webinar: Bridging the gap between clinicians and administration to improve capital equipment planning

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Artiom Jucov


Mon, 19 Apr 2021








While health systems continue to face financial pressures, clinicians are also continuously working to improve the level of care they provide to their patients. This can often result in an impasse when it comes to determining what new medical equipment should be purchased or replaced. In this session we will explore ways in which clinicians and administration can work together to identify needed capital resources. We’ll explore how leaders can build trust with clinicians that they will have access to the equipment they need when they need it, while ensuring clinician support of health system leadership in making strategic capital planning decisions based on sound logic and data.Join this webinar to learn best practices on how to:

  1. Create effective collaboration between clinicians and administration in your capital planning for clinical asset needs.
  2. Leverage data and informatics to support clinician requests for new, additional or replacement of medical devices.
  3. Create action-oriented plans and tracking for accountability to drive results. 


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