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We welcome you all to the first number of the ICT Innovation & Entrepreneurship News. This newsletter is addressed to ICT entrepreneurs and to those who, through their activity, aim at stimulating and improving the ICT innovation and entrepreneurial framework in Europe: hubs, universities, students' associations, companies, national and regional authorities 2014 is an exciting year for innovation and we plan to keep you up to date with the latest ICT related information from our viewpoint. ICT entrepreneurs are targeted through two specific calls and tailored events for European entrepreneurs and innovators are happening or are in preparation in the near future. Enjoy the reading!

Startup Europe Roadshows: coming to a city near you!

From February 2014, events started taking place across Europe to encourage students and young graduates to start new ICT companies. The Startup Europe Roadshow will highlight success stories of young European entrepreneurs and will give practical advices on how to start and grow a business. It will help foster a more entrepreneurial spirit and culture in Europe, showing young ICT graduates the opportunities and rewards starting a business can bring.


Startup Europe Roadshow – Poznan, the first stop

The Startup Europe Roadshow kicked off in Poznan on February 27. The event gave students and young graduates the chance to meet and learn from successful ICT entrepreneurs. They also received information on EU funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Find out more about the successful stories presented on this occasion.


WP2014 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support (ICT 35)

The ICT 35 call covers funding for a variety of different areas that aim to make Europe a more innovative and entrepreneurial place for ICT. It is split into six separate actions that range from promoting entrepreneurial skills in schools and universities, promoting a less risk-averse mentality in Europe, to stimulating innovation through public procurement.


WP2014-15 Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme (ICT 37) - Phase 1 2014

Support is available for a large number of early stage high risk SMEs in the ICT sector that has the ability to produce innovative products or services that will disrupt, change, or even replace existing markets.


Open Disruptive Innovation (ODI) and the SME Instrument: Frequently Asked Questions

The ODI/SME instrument is targeted at all types of innovative SMEs showing a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalise.


H2020 call for expression for interest for experts

Join the database of independent experts for European research and innovation!


StartUp Europe Roadshow - third stop Berlin!

The young graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs are invited to meet already successful ICT entrepreneurs, to hear their stories and ask for advices.


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29 April 2014 - Thessaloniki, Greece

Digital Innovation for Regional Growth

Digital innovation has the potential to radically improve people's lives and help stimulate growth throughout Europe. Join us on 29 April 2014 for a high level event in Thessaloniki, Greece to find out about the support available from the EU to help boost digital innovation in your region.