The 3rd Science Slam Moldova

The 3rd edition of Science Slam Moldova took place on October 8, 2015. Science SLAM is an event where young scientists present their own projects in a creative and easy to follow manner. As always, the competition was organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in partnership with the Center of International Projects, H2020 National Contact Points Network, and DAS Foundation.

The speakers were judged by the audience. At this time the public chose two Slammers instead of one as winners. The winners of the 3rd edition of Science Slam Moldova thus became Alexandr Iscenco and Alexandru Ghetan.

Alexandr Iscenco, a writer and social entrepreneur impressed the audience with his talk about how 3D Printing will change our future. “It was an interesting experience to give a scientific presentation in front of a non-expert audience. Science Slam is a necessary event for Moldova, which has the power to promote research and disseminate scientific knowledge to everyone. Thanks, and my respects to the Science SLAM organizers in Moldova!” said Alexandr.

The second winner, Alexandru Ghetan, is a Masters student at the Department of History and Philosophy of Moldova State University. He won the public with his presentation about the history of corruption in Moldova. “In my opinion, Science Slam is a great way to spread knowledge about your own ideas and concepts. This is the only project that brings science to everyone, without formulas and theories, but rather in a fun and relaxing way. Science isn’t just for a limited circle of initiated people, but for every curious and open-minded person,” added Alexandru.

Daniel Todercan, co-organizer and Business Development Manager at DAS Solutions, had the following to say: “We have a group of brilliant people in Moldova, who are working in some of the most important fields around the world. Nonetheless, while they represent our country in international competitions, back home we have a lack of knowledge about their achievements. Science SLAM is our attempt to catalyze the general discussion about science and innovation in Moldova. This is why we organize an event about science in a relaxed atmosphere. Science should be accessible for everyone,” said Daniel.

The event was organized as part of a project supported by European Commission within HORIZON 2020, GA: 2014/346-992,