Digital manufacturing platforms for connected smart factories: presentations from the info session

A web-based info session offered details for interested applicants to the topic "Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories" (call topic: DT-ICT-07-2018-2019).The EU has launched several calls in the Horizon 2020 programme to advance in the development of digital industrial platforms. On 8 March the European Commission offered a web-based session to provide information on the following topic for which a call for proposals is currently open:DT-ICT-07-2018-2019: Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart FactoriesThe session focused on the Innovation Actions (IA) within this topic, for which € 48 million are available. The call opened on 31 October 2017 and the deadline to submit proposals is 17 April 2018.Presentations from the sessionDT-ICT-07-2018-2019 – Overview of the topic, by Arian Zwegers, European CommissionSupport from Idealist, by Edina NemethGeneral rules, by Helena Rodrigues, European CommissionYou can access the full recording of the session here.Questions will be answered via the FAQ page for the topic in the Research Participant Portal.Related contentInfo session Horizon 2020: digital manufacturing platforms for connected smart factoriesePrivacy Directive: Commission launches a public consultation to kick-start the review SOURCE: