EDGE COFUND PROGRAMME - seeking international expert reviewers!

One of the successful COFUND awardees from 2015 ‘EDGE’ is looking for expert reviewers in ICT and materials (details are below).Call for Expert Reviewers in ICT and Materials===================================EDGE is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA) on the COFUND programme for postdoctoral fellowships, part-funded by the EU H2020 research and innovation programme grant agreement No. 713567, and part funded by three Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Centres.We are currently seeking expert reviewers to conduct remote evaluation of post-doctoral Fellowship research proposals in the period December 1st 2016 – January 31st 2017. Specific research topics used to match experts to proposals are listed below.Reviewers will be entitled to claim €25 per evaluation, and may be selected for up to a maximum of 10 reviews.Future Networks & Communications (the CONNECT Centre)-          5G & Beyond 5G-          Creative Practices for Future Networks & Communications Devices-          Communication Systems-          Photonics for Communication-          Wireless & Optical Networks-          Internet-of-Things-          Microelectronics for Communications-          Network Management-          RF Design & Antennas-          Sensors & Sensor Networks-          Signal Processing for Communications-          Software & Cognitive Radio-          Thermal Management-          Economics Policy & Regulation for CommunicationsDigital Content & Media Technologies (the ADAPT Centre)-          Security & Privacy-          Natural Language Processing & Social Media Analysis-          Personalisation & Adaptive Web-          Localisation & Machine Translation-          Linked Data Management & Mapping-          Recommendation Systems & Machine Learning-          Data Protection & Policy Based Management-          Speech Analysis & Understanding-          Multimodal Interaction-          Graphics for facial animation & perception-          Data Privacy & Ethics-          Search & Information Retrieval-          Image & Video Processing-          Artificial Intelligence techniques in Digital MediaAdvanced Materials and Bioengineering (the AMBER Centre)-          2D Materials-          Networks and Interfaces in Physical Materials-          Biomaterials-          Chemistry-          Membrane Science-          Microscopy-          Theory & Modelling-          Advanced Manufacturing-          Polymer Materials-          Self-assembly and surface patterning-          Toxicology & Nanosafety-          New Materials and Processes for ICT-          Advanced Materials for Photonics-          Bioengineering & TherapeuticsReviewer EligibilityExpert reviewers must be independent peer researchers residing in countries outside Ireland and without any conflict of interest. Specifically:-          Reviewers must have a high level of expertise in one or more of the above topics. Indicators are peer-reviewed publications, research funding awards in relevant scientific areas, applied for and obtained patents etc.-          Reviewers must be residing outside of Ireland and must not have direct relationships with to any of the three SFI Centres-          Reviewers may not have a Conflict of Interest affecting their reviews.If you are interested in participating, please email edge@tcd.ie with your name, current situation (residence and employment) and topics you would be willing to evaluate.Alternatively you can complete the EOI form, link from www.edge-research.eu/participate-as-an-expert-reviewer