EMPIR Open Call 2019

EURAMET have launched a call within the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) addressing the topic areas: Metrology for energy, Metrology for environment, Metrology for pre- and co-normative research, support for networks and research potential,  on 09 JANUARY 2019.The Call is a two-stage process for joint research projects.        * STAGE 1 of the Call is for potential research topics (PRTs) and Potential Network Topics (PNTs) open from 09 JANUARY  to 18 FEBRUARY 2019.        * STAGE 2 of the Call is for joint research projects (JRPs) and Joint Network Projects (JNPs) will open on 13 JUNE  to 30 SEPTEMBER 2019.EURAMET will issue a Call for SUPPORT FOR IMPACT projects designed to increase the impact from completed iMERA-Plus, EMRP and EMPIR projects, open on 16 JULY  to 16 SEPTEMBER 2019.Details can be found on the dedicated call webpage: http://msu.euramet.org .