Horizon Europe Co-design 2021-2024 - Orientations towards the first Strategic Plan

In the frame of the ongoing development of the next Framework Programme, Horizon Europe, the European Commission have now launched an online public consultation as part of the development of a ‘Strategic Plan’ for Horizon Europe, which will then guide the work programmes and calls for proposals for Horizon Europe’s first four years (2021-2024).

Have your say on future objectives for EU-funded Research and Innovation

Public Consultation  “Horizon Europe Co-design 2021-2024” : 


The public consultation is open and will close on 8 September 2019.

The web consultation on the ‘Orientations’ document seeks your views on how the programme could be shaped in detail and implemented in practice: seehttps://ec.europa.eu/info/news/have-your-say-future-objectives-eu-funded-research-and-innovation-2019-jun-28_en

The direct link to the source document on which views are sought is available at https://ec.europa.eu/research/pdf/horizon-europe/ec_rtd_orientations-towards-the-strategic-planning.pdf

Following this consultation, the next draft preparation document will be prepared, and will form the basis of the discussions and co-design sessions at theEuropean Research and Innovation Days in Brussels from 24 to 26 September 2019.