• To develop at the host institution the scientific insight required for the lab demonstration of the technological feasibility of the novel concept of producing nanostructures (nanotubes, nanopores) with different aspect ratios in AAO by a low cost electrodeposition from environmental-friendly aqueous electrolytes,
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    The objective of MOLD-NANONET is to assist the Institutul de Cercetări Ştiinţifice (ELIRI) to develop and implement a research strategy that will expand its activities and increase its level of excellence in the areas of micronanoelectronics related to the development of intelligent systems, nanomulticomponent
  • further consolidation of human potential and technological infrastructure;
  • promotion of the link between NANO and BIO (Medicine) fields;
  • creation and consolidation of bridges between Moldovan National NANO-Network and EU partners;
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     The countries of central Asia and South Caucasus (CA/SC) display a significant potential in terms of research and innovation.
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     Aimed to foster collaboration opportunities and to support policy dialogue, PICTURE is a logical continuation of the successful activities carried out under the EECA ICT clustering projects - ISTOK-SOYUZ, SCUBE-ICT and EXTEND - that were running from January 2009 until June 2011 with the common mandate of str
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     HP-SEE, High-Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe’s Research Communities, will link existing and upcoming HPC facilities in South East Europe in a common infrastructure, and it will provide operational solutions for it.
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    “Health in Times of Transition: Trends in Population Health and Health Policies in CIS Countries“ (HITT-CIS) is an international research project that will study, in detail, trends in population health and health policies in 10 countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
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      The EU and the international community are striving to set under UNFCCC a global post-2012 agreement whose implementation should be ensured on a sound scientific knowledge base with the participation of emerging economies.
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Horizon 2020 aims to exploit the potential of Europe's talent pool and ensure that the benefits of an innovation-led economy and society are maximised.
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The objective of IDEAL-IST 2014 is to increase the visibility of NCPs and improve the overall quality of NCP services across Europe in the area of ICT.