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Horizon Cloud Summit 2020 – Shaping the new strategy for cloud computing in Europe

The Horizon Cloud Summit 2020 gathers researchers and innovators, cloud stakeholders, as well as cloud initiatives and projects to be on top of the relevant technology and market developments. The event will take place online.

H-CLOUD, a Coordination and Support Action funded under Horizon 2020, invites for a two-day programme of inspiring talks, thought-provoking debates and collaborative workshops.


Join 5G Techritory 2020 - an online forum for 5G innovators and policymakers in the Baltic Sea Region

5G Techritory is the 3rd-annual Baltic Sea Region 5G ecosystem forum that will take place on November 11 and 12 via a custom-built conferencing platform. Over 100 industry leaders, policymakers, and tech innovators will offer their insight across more than 60 keynote speeches and panel discussions. The event is free for anyone to join - click here to register.


Digital health: the way forward

After 12 inspiring lectures that will present the latest innovations in the area of digital health, this closing keynote speech will summarise the future benefits and challenges for digital healthcare and focus on the way forward.

What is the concrete role of digital health technologies in the future of medicine and healthcare? Which are the promising advancements that we see in this area and how will the patient journey change?


5G and Healthcare

5G is expected to have a positive impact on healthcare industry, boosting innovation for better diagnoses and treatments and enabling major advances for numerous healthcare use cases.

Easing the transfer for large MRI files, improving the remote patient monitoring and virtual care, using augmented reality in medical education and training, are only few key advantages. Join this CONNECT University session and discover how 5G could help hospitals and health systems do better.


Blockchain: Opportunities for healthcare

The emergence of blockchain helps redefining digital health. The session will bring together European Commission and external experts to talk about the way blockchain could transform healthcare, enabling key stakeholders such as doctors, pharmacists, clinical researchers to gain secure and faster access to electronic medical information.

Safer interoperability, seamless exchange of information with reduced costs are among the benefits that will be discussed.



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