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2nd European 5G Observatory Stakeholder Workshop – 5G for growth and recovery

This workshop will be the opportunity to review the main findings of the second year of the 5G Observatory and to exchange views on the current state of play of 5G deployment, the latest market trends and in particular the impact of the current crisis on the 5G progress. It will also serve as input for the planned update of the Action Plan for 5G and 6G as announced in the Commission’s Digital Strategy last February.


Digital tools and brain health

Digital technology has the potential to make a significant impact on brain health, the most complex organ in our body. Advances in technology are helping to better understand the causes of conditions such as autism, schizophrenia, mood disorders.

This CONNECT University session looks at how digital innovations are helping our brain health, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment. How can we use technology to improve Europe's mental health?


How Digital Health is transforming oncology care

Technological advances are a driving force for developments in medicine, enabling new ways of diagnosing and treating patients. The session will increase awareness on early stage diagnosis methods using innovative digital health strategies.

The highlight will be on the future of oncology and the benefits brought by technology on personalisation, diagnosis and prognosis. The model of virtual consultation panels for rare disease patients –the first one at EU level - will be presented during the lecture.


Big Data and Digital Health

Within the digital health industry, big data has a major role in accelerating scientific research, personalised medicine, early diagnosis of diseases and effective treatments. The analysis of medical data have brought crucial discoveries, allowing key stakeholders to develop new insights in the field.


Digital healthcare: one of the top priorities for the German health system

Germany took over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union in July 2020. In this context, we are proud to discuss about the Presidency priorities and the policy areas that Germany gives a particular focus on, especially considering its goal in becoming the EU leader in digital healthcare and its work on the European Health Data Space.


Artificial Intelligence meets the health sector

As the digital world is evolving, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly revolutionising the medical industry by having the potential to save lives of current and future patients.

This CONNECT University will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future of healthcare, presenting the major role that AI has in diagnosing and preventing diseases. Ethical issues in the application of AI to healthcare will also be included in the discussion.


Introductory session: A European perspective on the transformation of healthcare enabled by digital

The CONNECT University will kick off its 2020 thematic school programme dedicated to digital health with the session “A European perspective on the transformation of healthcare enabled by digital”. The coronavirus outbreak has demonstrated that digital technologies are at the forefront of fighting with the pandemic.



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