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Country Status
01 SWAFS Science with and for Society University of Reading Great Britain open
02 SWAFS SWAFS 03;07;16;19 University of Rijeka Foundation Croatia open
03 SWAFS SWAFS 01, 04,04,07,09,15,16,17,18,19,25 CREA- research Center on Alpine Ecosystems France open
04 SWAFS SWAFS 15, 25 Leiden University/LEiden Observatory The Netherlands open
05 SWAFS SWAFS 04,07,15 The Miroslav Krleza Institute of Lexicography Croatia  
06 SWAFS SWAFS 01 The Institute of Chemical Methodologies - IMC  Italy open
07 SWAFS SWAFS 01 Natural History Museum-University of Florence  Italy open until 30/06/16
08 SWAFS SWAFS 07 Bit Media E-solutions GmbH, Graz Austria open until 31/07/16
09 SWAFS SWAFS 03 Universidad de Almeria Spain open
10 SWAFS SWAFS 01;04;07;09;15 Fundacion Descubre Spain open
11 SWAFS SWAFS 04 MyScienceWork France open
12 SWAFS SWAFS 19 Vlerick Business School Belgium open
13 SWAFS SWAFS 01,03,17,19 Kiber Ltd Company Azerbaijan open
14 SWAFS SWAFS 17 Fundación Biomédica Galicia Sur Spain open
15 SWAFS  SwafS-06,12,13-2017 Austria open
16 SWAFS SwafS-02,03,04-2018 University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Austria open
17 SWAFS SwafS-15,18-2018 Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg Germany open
18 SWAFS SwafS-01,05-2018-2019 SYNYO GmbH Austria open
19 SWAFS SwafS-02,09,13,14,15-2018 ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute Spain open
20 SWAFS SwafS-01,15,19,20-2018-2019 Sofia University Bulgaria open
21 SWAFS SwafS-05,14,15,19,20,21-2018-2019 Orkestra - Deusto Foundation Spain open
22 SWAFS SwafS-02,05,14,15-2018-2019 Coexiscience France open
23 SWAFS SwafS-all-2018-2019 Sparks & Co France open
24 SWAFS SwafS-01,03,05,14,15-2018-2019 Wissenschaftsladen Wien - Science Shop Vienna Austria open
25 SWAFS SwafS-all-2018-2019 WeDo | Project intelligence made easy S.L. (WeDo) Spain open